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“…I first took my fourteen year old, autistic son to Steve because of an on-going pain my son had had with his groin and hip since he was seven years old. My son had had two MRI scans in the past and had been told that there was nothing structurally wrong, but that physiotherapy ‘might’ help. After a particularly painful week, we decided that enough was enough and I booked my son in with Steve to see what he might make of my son’s condition. From the moment we met Steve, Steve was very kind and caring, speaking to my son in a way that made him feel relaxed. This was especially heart warming to me as my son can be difficult to converse with and can find it difficult to communicate and trust people. Steve devised a programme for my son and gave him added exercises to do at home with careful instruction on how to go about them. My son received good care and treatment from Steve and when we went on holiday to Wales, my son easily walked around with us without the usual pains which would stop him in his tracks. Since that time my son has had no pain in his groin and we’ve been back to Steve for him to sort out back and shoulder issues. Each time Steve has worked on my son’s issue and relieved the pain and sorted the problem within one session. Overall, I have been very impressed with Steve and his ability to treat my son, and in our household we see it as almost miraculous. Steve is a wonderful person and in my opinion he is a very, very good, if not excellent physiotherapist. I would whole heartedly recommend Steve to anyone who is in need of some help with physical aches and pains as he is caring and kind individual who knows what he is doing. I would like to thank Steve for helping my son to feel better.” SH


“…many thanks for the treatment and the good advice that you have provided me over the last few weeks. As I think I may have said over the years I’ve seen a bunch of Chiropractors, Osteopaths etc., but have never really been satisfied with the treatment provided. Also, the extra advice and exercises that you gave me have been really useful, I just need to keep it going!!” SR

“I have been seeing Andover-Physiotherapy on and off throughout the last 3 years. Whenever I have a niggle or am unsure about an injury they are the first people I consult. Specific issues they have helped me with relate to my shoulders and my back. I have suffered bicep and rotator cuff injuries in my shoulder and Sacro-illiac (lower back/hip) problems. On all of these occasions Andover Physiotherapy have helped me recover from and return to pre injury fitness levels. Kirsten and Steve are both extremely professional and welcoming in their practise. They have always been happy to help and are very pro-active in injury prevention as well as recovery. I would advise anyone to contact them in the event of an injury but also to seek advice on pre-hab. I have always and will continue to seek their advice as I continue to exercise and pursue my fitness goals.” DM

“I’ve used Andover Physiotherapy on a number of occasions now for a range of injuries including recent shoulder & back issues. I’ve played a lot of rugby over the years & have visited many physios! Steve & Kirsten are always friendly & welcoming but most importantly really know what they are doing. The focus isn’t always on treatment either but prevention. Its great to know that not only do I get the treatment I need to repair my injuries but I am also given a variety of exercises to help to continue rehabilitation & strengthen problem areas to prevent a reoccurrence. I’ve now found a physio practice that I’m 100% happy with & don’t need to look any further when I pick up another injury. Thanks guys!” SM

“I received treatment at Andover Physiotherapy following a shoulder injury last year. The hands on treatment I received was very thorough and I had complete confidence in the physiotherapist. I had previously seen a physio at a different clinic who was unable to resolve my problem. It was great to finally get a diagnosis from Kirsten and my shoulder improved after each session. I have since recommended the clinic to friends and family and will be in touch with them immediately if any other problems arise. Many thanks.” JM

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